Yes, Pun Intended

Sooo, finally here! I have pictured myself countless times, sitting here alone with my thoughts, absolutely bursting to get them out there so that someone else, out there in the world can see them too and maybe relate, cos honestly speaking, my thoughts scare me sometimes (haaha!). And yet at the same time, the moment I find myself online, I freeze. The blank page staring back at me is absolutely daunting and even when I start typing, I stop. And erase…..but not this time! No. I’m escaping my comfort zone, and jumping into the unknown. This is me, Wong. and this is my blog 🙂

So, the name. Right, my name’s Wongani Linda. aka “Linda lovebug”/ “Lin, da love bug”. Yes, pun intended. I am a love fanatic. Real love that is. God is my everything, at the centre of my life. So a lot of what I’ll post will be love through His eyes. I believe God is love.

I love love! I love the whole concept of it, and how I learn something new about it everyday. I love how true love is borderless, it goes on and on, it has depth, breadth, length and height(Eph 3:18), and it is limitless (1Cor 13:8). The 419 comes from 1 John 4:19.

There’s so much to say bout love, yes Tina Turner, love has everything to do with it and Jennifer Lopez, What is love? Love is everything…


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  1. Emmanuel phiri says:


    1. lindalovebug419 says:

      thanks 🙂 be on the lookout, there’s more where that came from lol

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