And the Trees of the Field…

It’s a cold wet day. And somehow, against my every efforts, the weather seems to have dampened my mood too. Walking down the driveway is hardly a “walk in the park” as I couldn’t find my wellies. This is more like hop, skip and jump to avoid the puddles. As always when I walk this path, I notice all the trees are permanently bent almost horizontally, to the left. The result of a raging storm, that happened many years ago and yet, the memory of it is still vividly imprinted on my mind…

Yes, the author in me has found a link between imaginative and reality. That ever so devastating storm from years back, is somehow like my mind right now. A whirlwind of thoughts and chaos. Yes, with the start of a new year, everything does seem bright with opportunity and new beginnings…but it’s frightening too. Sending out job applications is a dreary task, considering how much I do not want to get caught in the loop of “work, job and settle”, I don’t want to conform to societies expectations, there is still so much I have to achieve…and being stuck behind a desk is merely a means to an end. Alas, I must endure.

I have often thought about those trees as bending in worship. Perhaps it’s the line from the old hymn (yes, which we do still sing in church today 🙂 ) “…The trees of the field shall clap their hands…”. And that’s the beauty in the eye of the storm. Despite the pressures of the wind and rain that stormy night, the trees still found a way to glorify their creator. The storm did not break them…it merely bent them…to their “knees” in worship. And to this day, they are still praising.

So what more I? created in His image? yes, I choose to praise too. Amidst the pressures of life, the future unknown and all that, I too will clap my hands…like the trees of the field. 🙂

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