Super Natural Woman


I am a Super Woman…

“You can do anything..” “You can be anyone…” “You can go anywhere!..” They said.

As I leaned closer, my bright eyes illuminated by new hope, unending possibilities and unimaginable dreams.

“Anything…anyone…anywhere” I repeated to myself.

“Really? Me?”

They nodded earnestly, encouragingly. Smiling all the while. And yet when I told them that I wanted to do EVERYTHING and to go EVERYWHERE, they looked down their noses at me in disdain. “You can’t do all that! You must choose!”. Tainted by a society that believed in one-lane career paths, my vision was blinded.

Today, I can prove them wrong.

Overachieving, overconfident and overdetermined, yes that’s me.

I am a Natural…

From the kink in my hair, to my style and my flair. The length of my nails to my peaks and my fails. From the size of my grin to the skin that I’m in. The loud in my laugh to my tears when it’s rough… I’m perfect, I’m priceless, I’m royalty see. I’m distinct, I’m unique. I am naturally me.

I am A Supernatural Woman…

The most important aspect of me,

Is the utmost interior place of my being.

My reason for breathing, my God and my King.

The reason I’m joyful, and why I can sing.

Without Him I’m hopeless, I’m helpless it’s true.

But with Him, I’m supernatural, can all through Him do. 


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