Seven Seas (Overview)

Basically I have been inspired to write a ‘mini series’ of sorts. I can’t exactly describe it but basically whenever I write, I imagine it already out as a movie or on tv or whatever…yes, my book ‘Always love’ is already a movie hit starring Lupita Nyong’o (possibly) and Michael Ealy (definitely) Haaha. Yes I have faith 🙂  lol anyway, moving on.

As a single woman, living in a world of ever advancing technology; stuff like skyping and online dating, even medical phenomenons like IVF and the like, I have decided to write about an unconventional love story that borders on all these aspects. It’s somehow an experimental venture, so bear with me. It will be quite comical (I think) so yeah, please read it with a light heart lol.

Live a little, laugh a little… Coming soon. Stay tuned.

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