Beautiful day

It’s sunny. A break from the last few grey dismal days. The sky is a baby blue around its hems and gradually fades into a deeper hue, like the kind that comes in paint bottles.

There is no gale today, you know…a “turn-yer-brolly-inside-out-kind of-gale” and “blow-the-rain-sideways” kind that leaves you feeling topsy turvy, no. There is but a slight breeze blowing. Acting thermostatically to regulate the sun’s warmth so it’s just about right.

The sun. The sun isn’t glaring down as it does upon the desert’s dunes. Rather, it is embracing the earth in a blanket of shine. Bliss.

The clouds? Barely there, wisps of white, dancing in the breeze like nymphs to the tune of elves in a deep and magical forest. The trees boughs creak gently as they too sway to this mystical tune of a faraway land.

Birdsong and Birdcry accent the air and accompany the tune that has now reached orchestral class, a majestic symphony as the created praise the Creator with their everything, their inner being.

He’s a beautiful God and He makes everything beautiful.

It’s a beautiful day.



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