It is the pivot of the see-saw. Balance between dusk and dawn. The point when there’s nothing you can do, but wait. Sit patiently and wait. As the sun was setting on yesterday, you lingered in the moment. Because the darkness of the ensuing night was creeping steadily upon you, and there was nothing you could do about it. You prayed, you wished on the evening star that somehow, you could catch the wispy fragments of a dying sun and keep them close forever. The memory of a day that had come, and gone.You pleaded with God, you knew that it hadn’t been the best day. It was riddled with disaster, doomed from the start. It hadn’t started out quite right, gray clouds had cloaked the skies and the air filled with an icy chill, accompanied by persistent precipitation that threatened to fall.

It was not the perfect day, and yet still you wanted to hold on. Despite the fact that He had promised that tomorrow, would be the day. Your day. Tomorrow, God said, would be greeted by birds singing melodiously, the sunrise would be glorious, resplendent of His goodness, a reflection of His faithfulness, it would be beautiful!… and when it arrived, He said, you would wonder why you had wished for yesterday so long. Why you had cried, and grieved and mourned?

So its midnight. And you sit and wait. Believing in the promise because it’s all you have left to hold on to. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow? Is yet to dawn. So you sit and wait, and imagine about the things to come even though you know that they are beyond your wildest dreams, beyond all you could think or imagine. Doubt shrouds your mind. Should you leave room for disappointment? Perhaps you should have a plan B, an escape route, just in case?  Yet somehow you just know, that it will be all you ever wanted, and more.


I haven’t cried in days.

That thought was recurring in my mind all day, yesterday. Try as I might, I just couldn’t. Numb I had become. The girl who once was an automated fountain whenever she hit play on what promised to be a typical, corny love story. Nicholas Sparks’ movies were the flip to my ‘true-love-is-out-there!’ switch. The “real-life” version to the childish fairy tales. And yet somehow, they too had found their way to the ‘too-good-to-be-true’ corner of my recycle bin. I had lost hope that there was a beautiful ‘tomorrow’ out there, somewhere and I was just about ready to settle for a ‘cloudy day’ romance. One where the guy was ‘alright I guess’ and we got on ‘okay’ and he made me laugh on occasion and the girls think he’s ‘nice’ and he was sweet because he bought me flowers and/or chocolate on valentine’s day. Pretty much your basic run-of-the-mill, cliché kind of relationship that is ‘acceptable’ and attracts ‘aww you guys look so good together!’ comments on Facebook. Because hey, chivalry is dead and that’s basically all anybody can expect from a relationship these days right? Oh plus the occasional selfie of ‘me and bae’ to post on my Instagram. How could I forget?

I was wrong to believe that anything set outside these dating parameters could exist. Wrong to imagine that I could somehow end up with someone that was a hopeless romantic and would recite ballads beneath the moonlight, spur me away on adventure at a moment’s notice or make me worship with my hands held high singing hallelujah Jesus! He does exist! Or so I thought. Until, somewhat accidentally, I stumbled across something that changed my thinking in an instant.

A love story. One of such unbelievable proportions that it gave me the giggles and I became as giddy as a schoolgirl. A story of two individuals that are as regular as the next guy, and yet somehow are irregular as they come. ‘A tale of two hearts’ is what I would dub their story. It’s magical, it’s beautiful and believe it or not, it’s real. It’s funny how they are just everyday stories and yet they had me up at midnight thinking miracles do happen.

Before I realized it, I was brushing away a sudden burst of tears, a fountain sprung anew at the restoration of love, and what a little faith can do. I don’t think it was coincidental that I stumbled across this precious little gem. And I won’t disclose it’s location because it’s my newfound guilty pleasure haha, and I don’t want to share 😉

Just think though, there’s somebody out there somewhere, looking for a girl who is up at midnight, inspired by a true love story, to write on her blog, whilst she indulges herself in raisin cookies and milk.  😀


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