Bubbles of bliss and Bottomless Buckets of Blueberry icecream.

Also known as the single girls’ guide to surviving valentines day. Buy one and get a free survival kit. February First. 13 days to D-DAY. Get yours Now! Lest you be found wanting when that day comes. lol. I laugh, but I’m dead serious :p (Of course, there are the masses that proclaim their indifference to the day. The strong-hearted, yes. We applaud you). But this is not for you.

This is for the ones that, aspire to one day be the star of somebody’s show, instead of forever being in the front row of spectators, merely joining in the applause. And hey, that’s okay. Who doesn’t want to be loved? If we’re honest. We all need a little love. Valentines day. Let’s not get into the nitty grittys about it because we’ve heard it all before. Fact of the matter is, it’s coming whether we believe in it or not. And maybe, the girlfriend you went on an anti-v-day date with last year is officially hitched and you’re wondering how you’re going to survive this one alone. Ahem.

It all starts with acceptance. Accept your situation and don’t beat yourself up about it. You’ve been alone since forever? No stress girl. You’re not the only one. Others have gone before you, it’s not the end of the world, or a time to berate yourself over why you’re not good enough.

One thing I have come to learn in my season of singleness (not my forever portion haha), is that it really is an AMAZING time. I have grown, spiritually, emotionally, physically….yes I got booty *chuckles* and have discovered what I’m passionate about. I’ve embraced it. and I love who I’m becoming because of it. I’m not there yet but getting there! If I’m honest? I wouldn’t have been the person I am today if I had held on to toxic relationships and kept compromising on my standards. If I had stayed with that guy that didn’t love me all so I wouldn’t be alone. I would not have had the dreams and aspirations I have now. I wouldn’t have known my true worth.

Yes I have cried. Really though, I must have been at the front of the line when God was giving out tears because I have more than a lifetime supply. When I sat down to watch “The fault in our Stars” I was already sniffling when I hit play because my girl had told me, “You have to watch it! I promise you’ll cry”….and I did. before I even knew what it was about! I digress. No matter how much it hurts, as my mentor says,

  • “Cry for five minutes, wash your face. put on your makeup and get back out there”.
  • “I don’t stop whilst I’m waiting, so I don’t mind waiting”.

The biggest mistake you could make whilst waiting for “The One” is to do nothing. If you’re still hung up about the last person that broke your heart, and believe you need a man to make you complete, then you have a lot of letting go and moving on and up to do. You are worth so much more. You deserve the best for you, and so you must be the best you can. Be a complete you.

My ultimate favorite thing to do to pamper myself is to light a bunch of scented candles and have a bubble bath. In one word? BLISS. Bubbles are so fascinating! I love them. But if you’re not up for that do something else.

Brace the day! Hold your head high because you can. Treat yourself, go to your favorite cafe. Have a mocha. Decaf if you must. Paint a picture. Read a good book. Buy a box of tissues and watch a bunch of cute movies that make you tear up (but just a little). Pray. Spend intimate time with Jesus. Eat ice-cream. lots of it. Then walk it off in the park. Give yourself a mani-pedi session. Or go and get them done professionally. Go on a shopping spree. (Then tell me what you find because there are no shopping malls where I live). Do you baby! Do you.

And then go out and spread the love. What good is your light if you keep it hidden right? (Matt 5:14-16). Share about true love with somebody that doesn’t know about it. Feed the hungry, Hug the lonely. Pray for those that are broken in spirit. Tickle a baby. Make somebody laugh, who thought they’d never smile again. Not just on V-day, but everyday.

Your roses will come when your harvest is in bloom. 🙂

xo, Wong.

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  1. your blog!! Love it!

    1. Awww thanks hun! 🙂 xx

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