Starting over & putting the shine back in Sunshine.

We had spent the best part of the morning polishing the floor to an immaculate gleam.  I’d have probably been able to see my reflection in the floor if I tried, no lie! After pulling a bunch of dangerous* stunts to get to the hard-to-reach places and buffing till we had blisters, we stepped back to admire our flawless handiwork. And we saw, that it, was good. (I must mention, the most ironic part is that I work in a store called Sunshine (purely coincidental best believe!) Haha but it totally makes for the best puns so I’m not complaining!) Aaanyway…

Our triumph was short-lived. The first person to enter the store was wearing a pair of big black boots, soles caked with the rich copper soil that was now a mucky mess due to the downpour last night. He traipsed through the store, up and down the produce aisle (cue veggietales soundtrack), in and out the eagle (I know too many nursery rhymes), leaving a muddy trail in his wake. By the time he made it to the counter, He had a tiny tube of toothpaste and a lollipop and it was all I could do to keep from screaming “WHHYY?!!” as I handed him his parcel, forced a smile and parroted the  compulsory catchphrase “Thank you, have a nice day!” as I surveyed the damage his meanderings had wrought.

Before I could completely assess the situation however, in wandered another bunch of people, who must have been watching You-Tube music video tutorials prior to entry, because they were shake-and-shuffling their feet all over the place. My face fell, splattering on the floor, my heart and soul with it. Breathe in…breathe out…..breathe in…..and out. Smile. “Thank you, have a nice day!” The damage was done. It hurt to admit it, to say it aloud but, we had to start over.

Blank slate, Tabula Rasa. It was the same feeling (in relative moderation), of utter dismay, that I got when I received my exam results and again they were marked ‘F’ and I had to go back, put back the pieces, re-study and re-write everything…Or the gut-wrenching feeling when I got the text “It’s over” (from another other) and realized all the time I’d spent getting to know somebody in the hopes they were “The One” had been in vain, And I’d hard to start over? The heartbreaking feeling I get when I spend hours on a post, forget to save the draft and have to begin again? It’s the worst feeling. Almost.

With a deep sigh I heaved myself off of the swivel chair and onto my feet. And this I did over, at least 10 times to say the least. No matter who came in and messed up, I had to keep on keeping on putting the shine back in sunshine. And isn’t that just life?

So often we get to where we have our lives on point. Everything perfect, sparkling and bright. And then somebody or something comes charging through the front door, totally indifferent to how much time and effort you’ve put in, leaving a whole lot of mess and it’s up to you to clean up after them. Some that leave bits broken inside, some that leave sticky fingerprints and you have to work that much harder to pry the goo off the walls. Some that blur your vision and leave you unsure of how to get yourself on up and keep going.

What do you do when you get stuck in such a rut? This is the part that actually matters. Your reaction, your attitude, your faith. It’s your life. It’s up to you to decide what happens next, the ball is in your court. God will direct you, but He leaves it to you to choose. To wallow in the misery of the moment or to dust yourself off and try again? Will you throw yourself a pity party or will you grab the opportunity to do better the second time around, and be glad for the chance to learn from past mistakes, improve, do better?

Gravitate baby.

xo, Wong.

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