Joie De Vivre

Freewheeling down the driveway at five past eight on a Monday morning is not exactly what I’d classify as a good morning. Especially when my semi-functional brakes become completely detached as I zip past the nonchalant cows grazing nearby, my heart racing as I pray pray pray that another vehicle doesn’t come racing round the bend. Which should have been the least of my worries as you shall find out shortly.

I woke up on time, even managed to slip in a quick run (yay fitness!) before my alarm went off, I had enough time to whip up a gourmet meal for lunch that would make me a fine contestant in Top Chef, and I was feeling pretty good clad in a skirt feeling like Rachel Zane about to flounce onto the set of Suits…I really thought I’d have time to walk to work today and so I did away with the tights altogether. But alas, the clock struck 8…and because I didn’t want to be late, decided to ride my bike. Figuring, if I used the back route, I’d only have cows and horses to worry about.

Sadly enough, it was the ONE day the road was flooded with workmen going to work on the back field. And it was just my luck that a gust of wind suddenly arose as I approached them, whipping up my skirt to expose my bloomers. Between faulty brakes and a coffee that had managed to spill half its contents down the front of my white blouse (yes, it was not my fault), it was all I could do to offer an apologetic smile and shrug as I swerved through the mass of men. They took it all in good humor though….catcalling and the works, yes gentlemen…glad to have made your morning. Whilst I reached the frantic conclusion that it is never too late to change into pants when one intends on riding a bike to work.

I was hardly flustered though. I laughed loud into the wind-turned-breeze and allowed the sun to penetrate my skin, to warm the vermillion coursing through my veins. Results of a perfect weekend consisting of picnics, parks and pink lemonade? Perhaps. I mean, it is little moments and things like this that are woven together into an intricate design that is life, strung together to make a beautiful tapestry…but there is something more.

What is it that makes a series of unfortunate events, morph into a session of praise? What is it that causes one to smile…to laugh when they’re suffering. When like my trying to balance on my bike…we try to balance life, work, family and relationships, and instead of smooth sailing, our waves are tossed and we end up with situations that seem ludicrously unconquerable. We face problems, we struggle, and we fight. And yet still manage to get through them.


It’s easy to be happy. Good things make us happy, stuff going right makes us happy. Cupcakes make (some of us) happy.  But Joy….that goes deeper.

Philippians 4:4 says to rejoice in the Lord always….ALWAYS! That means, even when you’re unhappy, even when stuff isn’t going right, even when your pocket change just isn’t enough to buy the last cupcake on the shelf, you’re STILL to rejoice!

I’ve had serious bouts of depression. I’ve been at the point where it seems I will cry forever…Where I’ve just wanted to end it all. But I find when I don’t have the words…I AM. When I don’t have the answers…I AM. He is all sufficient in our inadequacies. He is strong in our weaknesses and always meets us at our point of need. He holds you when you feel alone and provides your every need. He is so amazing…God is Amazing! He cares about every little nitty-gritty detail of your life…So how?

How can you walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders when He says come to me all who are heavy laden and I WILL give you rest (Matt 11:28). Don’t stress. Chill, Be easy. But the fruit of the Spirit is…joy. Nobody can steal your joy….Nothing can steal your joy.

Xo, Wong.

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