The Silver Lines the Clouds

Like the shifting sands of time, we all go through changes. Some are subtle and slow. Like waves washing up on shores that gradually wear away the rocks… over decades changing the landscapes across horizons. Some are more explosive. When you suddenly have to pack up your life, jet off to and settle in an unfamiliar place. Culture shock. Changes that are sudden and swift, that shake up your entire world like a game of giant Jenga that suddenly comes tumbling down, and you have to start building new dimensions in new directions.

And some are a beautiful blend of ‘in between’. Changes like changing, tweaking and revamping your blog. 😀


In between because it somehow flips your world upside down as you’re going in a different direction, it has a different look and feel, it has a different name too!! But it’s the same somehow because it’s still you. Your heart and soul being exposed, sharing with the world. Albeit on a much deeper and clearer level. Your dry sense of humour and all that comes in between.

It’s a change that I feel is necessary as I navigate through the different seasons of my life, because I’ve come to realise that, inasmuch as I love the sunshine, frolicking on the beach on a summer’s day with my head in the clouds… I’ve come to love something in every season. The steady pitter patter sound of the raindrops in the midst of a storm. The warm feel of a familiar fleece blanket on a cold winter’s night. And the growth of new greenery in spring…transforming into leaf piles I can kick around in fall.

In a nutshell, life is beautiful no matter what the season. And the sooner you realise it, the more you’re likely to enjoy it. Perhaps it’s what happens as you get older, wiser. More responsibilities dealt your way, forcing you to become real with yourself, and ultimately see the bigger picture in every situation.

So welcome…to my new world. More on why I chose this name later…and don’t despair sunny hunnies! Big plans for Little Miss Sunshine are coming soon so stay tuned.

N.B. I read somewhere recently that for a lot of artists, it takes a few tries to settle on a final alias lol…and I know that is the case with me *sigh* .So no promises that this is finally it but let’s enjoy it whilst it lasts ey?

Cheers to new seasons!

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

Wong, xo.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chaila says:

    Awesome! And too true

    1. fadedjeans87 says:

      thanks Chaila! 😀

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