Things that go bump

If my life was a fairytale, it would probably the story of the princess and the pea. Not because I take pride in being elegant or fussy or too demanding. (I’m not if I may add), but simply because we both seem to be kept awake by things that make us uncomfortable, we’re unable to get adequate rest and lose out on the much needed beauty sleep . Things that keep us tossing and turning, and more so in my case, things that frighten us, the things that go bump in the night.



Now, we’ve all had those ‘get to know each other better’ conversations that seem to follow a certain pro forma format. I won’t go into that now but there’s always that question, “What are you afraid of?” Now I really do not like such type conversations personally. They’re boring and unpredictable and leave my jaw gaping in a permanent half yawn-half shock, why do people do this? Am I glad this is over the phone and not face to face type expression. So I usually reply with a simple “nothing” because I’d much rather skirt off topic with a conversation twister about UFOs or delve into a heated debate on whether Frozen (pun unintended) is a hit or miss…(it’s a miss on my radar) than admit I’m afraid of mould haha. Don’t ask.



But that was before The Incident. The Incident that kept me awake, in collaboration with caffeine infused flu pills…just why? The incident that made me admit that perhaps there are more things that I am afraid of than I care to admit. Perhaps things like spiders and crawling critters and massive, fear installing, prayer restoring, bed post-clawing, pasta pack gnawing… rats. Yes rats. Things you never knew or thought you were afraid of until you find yourself living in a house, with no ceiling boards, roof beams exposed, that have you thinking, “oh isn’t this lovely and castle-like?”, till you catch a glimpse of something scuttling across the said roof beams and you’re suddenly horrified by the prospect of monstrous beasts falling on you at night. And so you find yourself sitting shock upright on the edge of your bed praying the night ends soon, and even more so that a sudden power outage doesn’t leave you sitting in the dark, even more terrified than ever.

I’m currently reading the book of Joshua, which is known for the one-liner “Be strong and very courageous”.

Now, it’s funny to think that it’s easier to imagine Joshua leading a tiny army to defeat an even bigger army, take over a city and so on…as an easy scenario to be strong and courageous. When you think of your own predicament as a much harder case to tackle?

Question is, what are you doing about it? Are you putting the word into practice and literally being strong and courageous when faced with danger, problems or an itty bitty mouse? Or are you merely reading the Bible as a book of “fairy tales” or exciting stories that happened oh so long ago. It’s important to apply the Word to our lives and live by it daily, rather than forgetting what it says when we need it most.

Let’s get practical!

Xo, Wong.

N.B. This message is more of a note to self seeing as I didn’t handle the pest problem….yet. ;D

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