The Ancient Yuletide Carol

There’s something about the first day of December that always gets my buzz on “One hunned”. Even more so than my much-needed daily dose of caffeine. So much so that I decided to substitute my usual coffee with a mint tea and a crisp red apple. An odd combination I know but…1). I am prone to making weird food combinations and 2). They were the most Cristmassey items in my breakfast options so judge me not.

Perhaps it was always that school had just closed and holiday fever had began to kick in? Or perhaps because back then, when I was little, “trolling the ancient yuletide carol” had more to do with belting out christmas songs every sunday at church, and less to do with spamming an old lady online who happens to be called Carol, during the festive season….troll the ancient ‘Yuletide’ Carol? …never mind. 😀 I digress.

I know Christmas was always more exciting because my friends and I would spend lots of time opening windows in advent calendars, taking that one fun drive to one of the farms to cut down christmas trees, and then subsequently decorating them. We would go carol singing and we especially loved that one medley we learnt during one school production…heck, I still remember the words.

I was thinking about all these things this morning as I took my daily commute to work…humming said medley. All the lovely memories and such, and I was thinking of all the things that make this my favorite holiday without a shadow of a doubt. I thought of the Christmas story itself, us on earth being blessed with the greatest gift ever! And i got the tingles again…that story never gets old…but it’s more than JUST a story though, cos it REALLY happened! How exciting is that?


The gifts. We all love getting presents. The thrill of tearing wrapping paper to discover the joys inside…Sharing gifts with friends and family. meaningful gifts and funny gifts. Special gifts and silly gifts…

One of my favorite memories is the time my friends and I discovered an old tape recorder and decided to go around interviewing people about what made their christmas special. We planned it out, according to the minutes on the tape, we calculated how many people we needed and how long each would have to speak. We wrote a script for a christmas play and we had lots of fun doing it.

I thought of that this morning too…and was hit with an epiphany. How ironic that I was able to do all that at such a young age..and only now am I realising that I would really want to go to journalism school and I never really thought of it then…I had discarded that ‘gift’ as only something I had done for fun. Now it’s something I want to use on a larger scale…and if only I had paid more attention to it. I might have done it sooner? Who knows.

Thing is, we often don’t pay attention to our gifts. Some we treasure for a little while. Some we toss aside because we get more preoccupied with the ‘bigger’ gift. Some we never share with others cos we’d rather keep them to ourselves displayed them in a cabinet somewhere..only to look at and admire. And some…don’t ever leave the box.

What gift will you discover this December? How will you use your gift? What about the greatest gift ever? Jesus. Are we gonna keep him in a box?


xo, Wong.




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