La vie en Rose

It all began a couple of months ago. The directions I had been given found me standing outside a building that was, to put it simply, in a dilapidated state. The windows appeared to, from a distance, be boarded up. Surely I was mistaken? It was only upon climbing the stairs to the front door did i see the tiny sign on the door that indeed, confirmed this was where I was supposed to be.

I heaved a huge sigh as I plonked myself down at my designated spot. Whilst a bunch of unfamiliar beady eyes peered at me from around the room I literally had to fight back the tears, feign a smile and say hello.

About a month prior I had gleefully handed in my resignation letter at my last place of work. I had done so with the determination that comes when one sets out to seek their fortune. In the hopes of finding greener pastures. I was adamant that I would soon have another job and was hardly worried about it cos I had been trusting God for it and I knew it was time for my next season.

But this was hardly what i expected. I had seen new ink in all the movies about interns and such. It sparkled and glistened in the sun. New ink was fresh and pristine…oozing with opportunity for promotion and recognition. New ink was pretty. New ink was nice.

But not my ink. My ink was none of those things. My ink was not in a building with glass walls and carpeted halls. No. My ink was lined with peeling paint and scuffed floors. My ink was not scoured from the nice aisles in a fancy shopping mall. Rather, it was thrifted. Picked from the stall of a street vendor, from the bottom of the pile at that.

My heart sank with disappointment. Surely God had better plans for me?

I didn’t want this ink. I wanted to be somewhere else. I wanted to feel like my ink would be effortless and  leave glitter on my page and not like I had to fight with it every morning, blowing in the top just to get it to work. I wanted the ink everyone else had. Why did this have to be mine?

After wallowing in what was supposed to be a five minute pity party but ended up being closer to about a week…sadly. I knew there was no point in being miserable and decided to look on the bright side. Whilst it is almost impossible to always see life through rose tinted glasses, it sure helps to try. Life is more bearable when you see things as you want them to be, even before they are.  Even if I had to be stuck here for the foreseeable future, I would make the most of it and see the pink in my ink.



It turned out that although it looked to be falling apart…the reputation of my new place of employment preceded it. Everywhere i went people knew about it and only said good things. A friend of a friend, a random stranger. I guess lesson number one was not to judge an ink by its cover. Even if I complained…it was certainly better than my last job…that was a fact. So here’s to starting anew…regardless of where and when. Besides, the grass is merely greener where you water it. Like my mentor says… what you feed grows. So here’s to new growth.

There have been letdowns yes but there have also been unexpected perks…  guess it’s gonna be just another rollercoaster ride haha…here goes nothing.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” -Hebrews 11:1

Cheers to new beginnings.

xo, Wong.


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