Home is where the Heart Is

It was the last place I expected to find myself on a Thursday night. When I set out for work that morning I was happy. The birds were singing…the sun was actually shining. Shocker! And I was on time for like the first time…Ever. *sips coffee*

I had a good day at work as well. I actually had work…and I was happy about that because I am an absolute workaholic and I hate hate HATE having idle time where I sit twiddling my thumbs and mentally calculating how many oscillations the fan makes per minute. Even though we don’t have a fan, and it is simply a figment of my bored imagination. Idle time I can’t spend blogging or tweeting  or pinning or reading my emails (I am such a nerd) etc; because it’s work hours. Anyway, like I said, it was a good day. My colleague that most often challenges my faith was m.i.a *ahem* which was kind of a relief. It was a good day.

And now…hours later I stand shell shocked, in the middle of my kitchen floor wielding a frying pan in one hand and a knife in the other, My knees knocking and my hands visibly shaking. Jumping at every creak and whisper in the cracks and crevices of this haunted house. I am facing the front door. Expecting it to swing open any second and reveal a worthy opponent for my kitchen object-turned-weapons. When the hairs on the back of my neck start to prickle as my paranoid mind introduces the thought that perhaps the intruder is still inside.

What Am I going on about?

Rewind to about an hour before. I had taken a detour on the way home, to the supermarket because I thought I deserved a treat for a day well done. When I got a call from my house mate to say, can you please get home like soon? We’ve been burgled! Whaaaatt!! How on earth? I finished up my shopping and hurried home…a gazillion thoughts running through my mind. What did they take? How did they get in? Did they take my guitar?? Errrmahhghhhhad! No no no…! This can’t be happening. All I own is in that house…they could have taken everything. And i just got a whole bunch of shiny new appliances. I was in tears. Ok…please, at least let them have just left my guitar. *tears*

And so I eventually get home and find the place turned UPSIDE DOWN. And I’m talking serious messed up. It was gobsmacking. I had a proper Oscar-deserving performance meltdown. Only it wasn’t an act and was actually my real reaction. I think it was in that moment I truly understood the meaning of the word agape. (I think to be perfectly understood words must be felt in their absolute essence). My mouth was literally… agape.

But here’s the crazy part. They took nothing, save for one item that seemed pretty small at the time. Though in hindsight it proved to have been the most important thing.

Literally nothing. They messed up alright…but they left behind all my shiny new appliances. They left my laptop! Albeit on the kitchen floor. They left my precious beloved guitar Jazz, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief at that, and at the fact that she was unscathed. They left it all. Except my watch.

They stole my watch.

My gorgeous new arm candy that I had just gotten from my mum about a week ago. Why would they take that? Of everything? Really?


Hmmm…anyway. I was really creeped out. This person had come into my personal space, INTRUDED. They had poked around in my room, felt up my safe haven. They had come into my home. And taken nothing? Left nothing? What a waste of time! Waste of their own…and a waste of mine too because…instead of me curling up in my fleece, munching on discount goodies from the store whilst catching up on episodes of Greys Anatomy. I would be stuck…cleaning up this mess. A mess that was once cute and cosy and was now complete chaos. Waste of time.


My watch haha…time.

You know how the Bible talks about guarding your heart (Prov 4:23)? And how where your treasure lies there your heart is too (Matt 6:21)? Are you catching my drift? Let’s look in parallels. Your home is your HEART. Your home is where you keep your treasures. Your most prized possessions. You get?

We protect our homes all the time. Lock em up, padlock the doors. Alarm systems and surveillance cameras. GUARDED. We are pretty fussy about who comes into our homes amiright? It’s different when you invite someone in. Because you only really do that when you are comfortable enough. When it’s somebody you KNOW. Friends, family and so on. But if someone breaks in and they’re not invited…or perhaps you do invite them in and they make a huge mess, that is so NOT ok. NOT COOL.

But why then do we not treat our hearts the same way? We don’t guard with the same tentative procedures. We let anyone in…anyhow. We let in strangers, the ones we can clearly see will be up to no good. We let in the ones that actually intend to steal. We actually watch them make a mess…watch them steal our TIME. And we’re ok with it? Wow.

Time is our most precious gift. Because once spent…or lost…or wasted. We can never get it back. Money…assets? We can easily buy back…earn back. But time? We are so careless with it. Wow.

Reality check.




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  1. I Love this Mumy!!!!!

    1. fadedjeans87 says:

      thanks baby! 🙂 xxx

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