The iciness and spiciness

So I changed my blog again! *hides face* But all in good cause…Remember I said in the beginning of PinkInkAndFadedJeans (Such a mouthful isn’t it!), that I’ve been changing according to my seasons and whilst I thought the last season I was in was going to be looong and complicated and confusing (much like the name)… Surprisingly it is screeching to a halt and my life is taking on a whole new twist as I am embarking on another adventure! (Details to follow soon 😀 ) I am so excited! Can you tell 😉 So much so that as I am being led through, navigated through the messy storms of life by my ever Faithful Captain God, I once more have peace and I know that this next season is going to be one like no other!


So now I remembered one family vacation we took to Namibia…but especially the day we took a special day excursion to Walvis Bay…we saw the sights, visited a beautiful aquarium, partook in the local cuisine lol…But one thing that stood out to me is that on one side of the road the desert started instantaneously and stretched out far into the distance…and yet just on the other side, the Ocean raged…beautiful and blue, to the horizon and beyond. I was so intrigued! Red sea parting feels, you get?

It was so fascinating to me how such extremities could exist in such conformity. This Great God!  I think of how Rend Collective’s catchy chorus “My Lighthouse” talks about Jesus being the peace in the storm.  And then I think how Jesus is also an oasis in the desert…Fulfilment and satisfaction in a dry and barren place…See, no matter what place you find yourself, in the heat of the day or in the cold cold night, in the dry places or when you’re drowning in the wild wet, in the bitterness there is always that sweet release that comes from knowing God…that reassurance that everything is going to be ok, No matter what.

So now I’m thinking…wow! my life is just like an icy mocha 🙂 Things that shouldn’t make sense, all flung together, the hot and the cold, the bitter and the sweet, all to make something deliciously beautiful when it looks like a perfect mess. And not just myself, I look around at my family, and my friends…and I see mocha. Beautiful blends from hopeless messes…and that is what inspired this new (and final I promise!) blog. The struggle that is life…and what gets us through it.

Ironically, I came across a song called “Mi Chamocha” Which actually has nothing to do with coffee lol…but is Hebrew for “Who is like You?” and is based on Exodus 15…the song of Moses and Miriam, just after God delivered the Israelites through the Red Sea! Yes exactly…the whole dry land meets sea gist I was going for! 😀 How amazing is that?

Icy Mocha…a simple serving of delightful goodness. Not so much a mouthful being stuffed down your throat… Take what you will of my life story, others’ too…and what gets us through. A sip or a slug, a vat or a mug. There’s something for everyone.

Come, let’s drink coffee and continue to talk about beautiful things. 🙂

Ciao Bellas!

Wong, xo.



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