Some Like It Hot

It’s that time of year when Spring rolls in on one side of the world. The side that can classify its seasons and they more or less stay in order. But for those of us that live on the other side, where seasons are only known by descriptions, “eh it’s cold today!” “Ok the sun is too much!”  “the rain is finally here!”…For us,  it is getting to that time of year when you should carry a coat to work cos it’s blazing hot now but the air will be icy cold when it’s home time. The time of year when vaseline becomes your best friend again  because no amount of fancy lotions and potions can moisturize your sun baked skin. The time of the year when hair breakage becomes real and you really should make the time to get it did in a protective style or regret it for the rest of year. “Winter”, is coming.

It’s that time, when you want to stay at home. A good old farm girl like me would like nothing better than to have a fire burning in the hearth, while i cosy up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. It’s that time of year when i really should be getting into my comfort zone but instead, the genius in me thought it would be a good time to pick my whole life up, out of my little cottage in the woods on the mountain, and relocate to the bustling life of the city. What was I thinking?

It’s easier said than done. It’s easy to think that i can just pick up where i left off but that’s impossible because so much has changed. In the city, in my life. I’ve  become so accustomed to being by myself, away from my friends, away from the noise, away from the busyness. Who would have thought just a year would embed me so much, would have me so grounded that it actually hurts to uproot myself?

I always wanted to live a life on the move, to travel the world, live out of a suitcase. A life on the go, on my tiptoes cos I am dancing over hot coals. I like my life adventurous and exciting, I like it quick, and easy and hot. A world where it’s always summer because I am chasing the sun around the globe.

But because I had to be still for a while, I was reduced to a smouldering pile of cinders, My summery soul had to deal with winds and gales and an avalanche of disappointment and regret. And now i feel like I have to fan back the flames to rekindle my fire, bring back the spark.

Sometimes though, you have to be still. Sometimes a fire has to die down a little before it can be revived, to where it can burn even brighter and bigger than before. See it’s a process, life is made up of process. Train-track-white-black-rails-trains-2560x1440-wallpaper143737.jpg

When God says, “Be still” , Listen. He is doing something. He is checking your heart and smoothing your edges. He is fixing your patience and testing your endurance. He is ensuring durability and getting you on the right track.

                   “…You have stayed too long on this mountain…”

Was the word at church shared from Deuteronomy 1:6. And somehow I just knew that it was for me. I tried to make excuses, conjure up reasons to stay. I have my own house, a reasonable job that pays the bills. I am comfortable. And yet, i knew that this word was the final confirmation to go. To a new place, unknown. And so go i will.

When He says Go. Listen still, you’re ready. It might take some adjusting but once you start, if God is driving you, there’ll be no stopping cos it’s Him taking you. Trust Him.

Be bold, Be strong. Be black coffee.

Xo, Wong.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mwape says:

    I love this😍!!! That was my word yesterday in my devotion. “Same spirit, different destinations”🙌. So glad I found you again. Let us know when you’re moving, or is it just me that didn’t get the memo? 😂

    1. icymocha says:

      Awww no kidding! That’s so awesome 😀 I definitely will no worries 🙂 x

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