Label me Love

I’m not one to get caught up by trends and labels, I have my own style which flits and floats from office smart, to bohemian chic…which is partly why i could never be a fashion blogger.  I do however, get lots of ideas from fashion blogs especially Frassy , who also is unfazed by fancy names, and so if i do happen to find something recommended by Audrey, then it’s for two for the win and I’m doubly satisfied. I’m quirky and mildly eccentric.  Sometimes I find comfort in a pair of high waisted corduroy pants or an ordinary pair of loafers…i might get along with your grandma. 😉

So anyway, as a blogger on the move i have a soft spot for satchels. I would love to say i have a collection…but i usually wear one down to shreds before i eventually get a new one and so, i was rather excited to set my eyes on this caramel leather beauty, with pockets and folds in all the right places on my last trip to the thrift store. It was in top notch condition and I knew it would be perfect for holding all my bits and bobs together. I decided it was worth the buy and so headed to checkout.

But then, another one caught my eye. The all too familiar “Louis Vuitton” logo emblazoned on its sides. Now ordinarily, if i saw it in the streets or in one of these other town boutiques i wouldn’t even think of buying it because…for starters, as an original at cost, it would take my bank into undiscovered lairs of deficit…and otherwise, there would be a 99% chance it lacked authenticity. If i don’t care for labels at all, then i heartily despise counterfeits. And sadly, the majority of stores sell good* fakes and people buy them anyway.

So why did i stop? I’m a sucker for vintage…i won’t lie. So i thought, for it to be in a thrift store then it just might maybe be a LV oh gee you know? So i checked it out, and after a few mins of analysing and scrutinizing, with the help of my trusted friend Google, i determined it too was indeed a counterfeit and i tossed it back, happy with my no-name, good for something satchel which was perfect for me and mine.

So why are we so obsessed with labels? Why did it take me so long in my past to get over what he-said/ she-said about me? I was labelled weird and quirky, much too perky. I’ve been laughed at and despised. I struggled to conform to people’s expectations and I have been saddened by gossiping girls whom i overheard talking about me and the way i am. I listened to the guy that said…you shouldn’t wear your hair that way, why be a Naturalista when you can be Brazilian*? ,why do you wear those slouchy pants when you can wear these instead? I nipped and tucked and tiptoed and sucked my stomach in till i realized you know what? This is so exhausting! I was so caught up on being something I wasn’t when i should’ve been focussed on being more like Jesus.



See…when I’m so hot and bothered by appearances, the outside, and not at all focussed on prettifying my insides and perfecting my purpose, then I’m a worthless empty vessel…good for nothing but to look at, and that’s far from what I should be. I’d like for people to say when i move on that they saw Jesus in me… Like the Britt Nicole song, “Look like love”, I want to be labelled Love.

See an original Louis Vuitton serves it’s purpose because it’s authentic…it lives up to its name. But a fake LV is worthless, why not be the most extraordinary ordinary not-hung-up-on-wordly-labels vessel? Serving the purpose for which you know you were intended? Then you’ll shine, you’ll stand out even when you shouldn’t. People will remember you for being more than a pretty face with an empty heart.


xo, Wong.

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