Strawberries and Cream

 It is day 13 of X and I still opted to use my sparkly pink strawberry-sweet-for-special-occasions lotion this morning and I still chose to take a bunch of “special” strawberry tea for my first, second, third and fourth (eek!) cuppas. 1 sugar 2 creams please. Because I am IMG_20160519_102617still praising God for my new job! (Everyday is a party!)

  I have my own little cubicle, with a nice view of the sky,an awesome chair with a high back and my own telephone.I can have my coffee at my desk! And with an unlimited bottom at that 😀 In the next cubicle sits one of my very best friends and I altogether feel mighty fine and dandy with the get up.

 I don’t expect you to understand.

To you it might seem like I am fussing over nothing but I know where I’m coming from. When I look  back at my past (jobs) and such, i can indeed say God is faithful. God has brought me SO far. I can’t help but be grateful because it hasn’t been easy but He has kept me. Persevering through 10-hour-a-day-jobs where i had to drag my feet through the dust on the daily  because it was just that exhausting, so that now when i get off at 5pm and literally walk 5 mins home, (amazing right!) I can testify about His Goodness.

So I hit the week 2 mark tomorrow, (unbelievable how fast time goes!) And it’s been smooth sailing for the most part. Except there are a few funny events to document:

A couple of days in, I jammed the printer (cringe) and I was still asked to scan a few pages that took me all morning because a) the first few copies came out wonky. b) when I finally got them straight I discovered my laptop doesn’t have the right app which lets you combine single pages into 1 document. So it took me a while to figure that out (Crazy right!)

Note: If this happens to you, ask for help. It’s not a crime. And it more often than not is not that complicated.
IMG_20160519_140147It also took me a few slow walks past the microwave to assess its functionality as I had to use it for the first time today. I did not want to look like a complete idiot as technology has a way of making me look bad. (Go figure) I’ll admit I did settle for a partially heated lunch as I wasn’t sure if the Tupperware was microwave friendly haha…I didn’t want to add molten plastic to my list of failures. Otherwise, that went uneventfully. Hallelujah somebody!

Besides that, the usual running behind schedule in the mornings as i always think I have more time than i actually do (Thank God for headbands and two second hair updo styles!) And having to stop myself from saying ‘thank you’ to the elevator automated voice every time she announces my destination…besides all that, It’s safe to say this little sheep is going to be A Okay as she settles back into life in the city. 🙂

I’ve been told to give it a couple of months before I say how thrilled I am about everything, and anything…but I know undoubtedly, unashamedly, and unrelentingly… That no
matter what, God is fighting for me and working things out for me and so I say as in Romans 8:31 ,

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for me, who can be against me? NIVIMG_20160424_191039

Go on, testify something.

xo, Wong.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kamota says:

    Congrats on the job!I like your blog theme

    1. icymocha says:

      Awww thanks! I actually just changed it a few days ago lol. And I love your blog! Always stalking for updates. Just noticed I wasn’t actually following it yet haha…rectified x

  2. Mwape says:

    Look at God! Cum’on somebody 🙌😍👏

    1. icymocha says:

      I know rigght! I knew you would understand hehe xx

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