Twisted, by Luka Mwango (book review)


Can you imagine a story that is simply…dramatic in epic proportions, to say the least.  Imagine you’re not seeing it play out in a movie theater but from the comfort of your own home. Accompanied by a hot cup of something nice that you let go cold because it’s so captivating, and has you holding your breath to the very end.

Now imagine if I told you, you could get all that in a book, yes an actual book with pages and printed ink. A story that could very well have panned out in your backyard as it is set in Zambia, and written by none other than Luka Mwango. An extremely talented poet and author. (You can find more of his work here).

Yes, I am talking about his awesome novella Twisted. I love books! And I especially love African Literature. So when I heard about Twisted  I absolutely HAD to get myself a copy and it was well worth the steal of a price of k35.00 ONLY.

Now if you’re anything like me, a bookworm of the highest order, you love a book bargain that manages to knock your socks off, one that captures your mind and thrusts you and your imagination into the very world of the story itself. If you’re like that, this is for you.12662578_544159989079696_7587463044396653585_n

And if you’re nothing like me, and couldn’t read a book to save your life. Or perhaps you “just don’t have time” to read then this is STILL for you because it’s short, quick and savory and you can digest it over lunch or as a bedtime read or even to pass an idle hour productively.

I don’t want to delve into too much detail lest I spoil it, but in a nutshell, Twisted covers everything from mental illness and regret to faith. From lust to love to untimely betrayal, from vengeance to the value of life and everything in between.

It’s slightly unforgivable that it is so short because it is just that good. The perfect set up IMG_20160601_165836with a great story line. The compelling characters are brought to life and although it is rather graphic and borderline controversial, it is seasoned with the right amount of flair and grace, that you end up with a well-rounded wholesome treat. It’s difficult to attain such a level of literary expertise, but Luka does it beautifully which is a commendable trait. (He’s a bard! I’m telling you). He has a style of writing that is hard to match and anything written by him, I can vouch, is worth making your reader.

Also, I loved that the front page bore a portion of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. Which was a pleasant surprise and a welcome appetizer, which sets the expectations high for the pages to come.

Expectations that were well fulfilled; the dramatic build throughout the novella, right until the tragic end. (oops spoiler!) These two have a lot in common!

In conclusion? I would highly recommend it and I look forward to the release of his full novel, Perdition! Which will hit the shelves soon 😀 (I seriously cannot wait!)

To get your own copy of Twisted, you can inbox Luka Mwango on Facebook.

Happy reading!

xo, Wong.



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  1. naomibesa says:

    Shamefully I only got to read it this year from a friend 🙈 I loved it! I need to buy perdition the story seam so compelling.

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