Life: Green Serene

whatsapp-image-2016-11-02-at-7-19-56-pmMy teaspoon clinks in my coffee cup as I swirl the golden goodness around. No, alas it is not coffee. But something of the green tea variety with a dash of mint. More of a pale emerald shade than gold to be completely honest, seeping in health and wellness. Ugh. So I halfheartedly gulp its tastelessness in the hopes of bettering the alignment between my mind, body and soul. I exaggerate of course. I love it, I really do. Ever since I traded in my cafés pour de thé vert, I have been feeling particularly perky about my health in general. Not to mention the other tweaks to my daily runaround…which I shan’t delve into here.

Life. If my roommate had a penny (or perhaps 5 ngwee?) , for the number of times I have used “Life”, as a sentence…she might be able to afford an ice-cream cone…yes vanilla, no fancy sugar cone, no extra frills like oreo dusting or smarties or dips because 5 ngwee is really not worth much 😉 But I digress.

See, lately, when we’ve been laughing over our university escapades; such as buying matching clothes  and thinking we’re so badass, or how we would swoon over the hottest, boy-bandiest guy we knew and not so coyly nicknamed Rockstar…and then thinking about just how much we’ve grown since then, and remembering all the people we forgot…it usually ends in me saying…*sigh*, LIFE.

.TobyMac’s “This is not a test” album has been rocking my playlist for about a week now. This life? Is not a test. To quote the album title track,

“Goin’ all in, gonna make it count
Won’t look back, gonna set my eyes
‘Cause there ain’t no practice runs in life…”

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-02 at 7.02.31 PM (2).jpeg

Do we take it for granted? Yes, all the time…constantly procrastinating and shoving and congesting our future days with what should be the troubles of today. We put off life until we get to a certain milestone, I’ll invest when my paycheck gets bigger. I’ll donate when I’m able to afford a basic lifestyle for myself. I’ll go and spend time at the orphanage when the spotlight is on me because, that’s when it matters…when the camera’s running right?

Meanwhile, the show goes on. Life keeps running us by and we’re too busy waiting for tomorrow when, I’ll meet my prince charming and we’ll live together happily ever after, or no, when our first child reaches age eighteen because trust funds must be maintained yes?


Having said all that, we don’t get to sit back and let it flit past our window, as we stare mesmerized at its antics. We often get bewildered by how life is constantly changing. Getting caught up in the hype, or lost somewhere along the way. But guess what? It doesn’t stop. Don’t stop! We don’t get to stand by, envious of a sister for having made it. We must deliberate to live this life we have been given. Take a deep breath and plunge right into its green serene. Feel the feelings; the pain, the joy, the good times…the lows, the mess, the oh so beautiful mess. Because there’s beauty in brokenness too. God has promised to make beauty of our ashes (Is 61:3).


Do the things, go to the places. Don’t sit by wary of the future, unsure of whether or not you have what it takes, especially if you know you should be doing it anyway. I had an epiphany of sorts a couple of weeks ago. It’s a bit odd perhaps that the view from my window at the office, overlooks my old college. As I gazed in a daydreamic state, I couldn’t help but think of the very many students there that were studying to be where I am now. A semi-qualified accountant, working an entry-level job, aspiring to be a manager someplace else. All reasonable goals undeniably.

And yet, the things I should be doing? The ones that are tucked away in a filo on my desk? The unending lists that are the blueprints to my “where I see myself in 5 years” plan. There’s nobody out there doing them. There they remain until I get to them and that’s not ok.



When it comes to purpose, each one of us was created for one. For a unique problem/issue/situation/task that God sent us here to achieve. A few days ago for the first time ever, I witnessed a traffic accident which shook me up to my core. It jolted me, I remembered again the essence of life. The way we are here for only a short while and how life can get snuffed out in an instance.


So many things hold us back, we are afraid of opinions, failure, the unknown. But while we are busy pondering instead of doing, life is rushing, rushing by. And so I’ve deliberated to push my faith to a whole other level. Even though it’s November already! Like, wow. Christmas next week y’all!


Yeah, even though there’s only two months till the year end, there’s no time like the present to get things done. Trade in the caffeine for a green sometimes too! Take care of you.

Do Life.

Love always!

Wong xo

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wonderfully written Wong, its from the heart so its relatable & easy to connect with.

    1. icymocha says:

      aww thank you for reading!! 🙂

  2. Miss Nalwamba says:

    Just what i needed to read. you are a fantastic writer. lately it’s been hard finding motivation to do anything, but your insight has helped to open up my mind, and just live instead of worrying or putting life off. thanks girl oxox

    1. icymocha says:

      Aww thank you love! Yeah I hear you girl. Anytime xxx

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