In Love

I’m in a tiny boat,  in a big blue ocean. This is no ordinary boat…

It’s a boat built of my insecurities,failures and doubts.

A boat of words; the voices in my head.

And this is no ordinary ocean, it’s an ocean of love.

There is nothing all around,as far as my eyes can see.
The storms of life have hit me time and time again, and even as I look now, on the far horizon, another one…is coming.
The waters are calm and yet, I’m still afraid.
I cling desperately to my boat, the old wooden words it’s made with, threaten to shatter beneath the weight of the world.
With every creak of these boards, the words scream and taunt me.
“What if you’re not strong enough, to fight off this storm. You’re not worth it, why not just end it?!”

The rain starts to fall,and yet the waters remain still.
If I don’t do something soon I’m doomed!

Above the wail of the wind, a still, small voice whispers…jump in.

I hesitate for a moment,then think to myself…what do I have to lose?

I jump.

But instead of the cold,dark, murky waters I expect to be overcome by, I feel a warm,safe embrace.

I open my eyes and there’s light all around me. I think,
How can this be?

That still,small voice, whispers still… This is no ordinary ocean.
It’s an ocean of love.

I’m sinking fast,but not drowning.
I’m living, not dying.

I’m in love.
In a deep blue,ocean of love.

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