Taking Stock: One

I first saw Taking Stock blogs on ‘This Is Ess’. Sharon got the idea from Sydney Liam, who in turn got it from Pip Lincolne. Thanks ladies!

As something my mentor also encourages me to do, I figured why not introduce them here too. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do making them. Also, this is a nice and easy way of me letting you know where I’m at now and what I’m up to. Enjoy!

Making: Sure I blog more often was one of my main aims this year. I know, it’s been a hot minute. And this being the first blog of the year isn’t encouraging. But I’m here now, how is everybody doing?


Cooking: Does it count if it doesn’t involve heat? But I’ve been obsessing over avocado salads lately. And by lately I mean the past year! Being able to switch it up with chicken, mushroom or toast makes them even more divine!

Drinking: Oolong Tea! Do you ever get the feeling that your body is just screaming for attention? Like, get me in order or else! And for me this usually means spending a few hours in the supermarket searching for a remedy in body butters, skin care products and new tea. This was my most recent find and I looove it!

Wanting: To get fitter. I’ve downloaded a fitness app and Runtastic too which seem to be working out (haha) for me, so I’ll keep you updated 😉

Needing: To lead a more purposeful life meant quitting my 9-5 and starting a new job as a trainee Christian outdoor instructor. It’s more tiring, but very fulfilling.

Looking: A couple of shades darker as I got a major tan/ sunburn from paddling across Lake Tanganyika a month or so ago! But starting to get back to normal now lol.

Considering: Running away to live on a desert island.

Enjoying: Hot showers at the end of a long expedition or a day full of activities in the rain. Few things can match this feeling!

Wishing: I could be in two places at once. I miss the city life and my friends. And shopping malls lol. But I’m loving being in the outdoors.

Spending: More on books and less on chocolate.

Following Mario Rigby’s 2 year trip across Africa on foot and by kayak. Goals right?!

Playing: Around with my guitar again. I need to be more serious about this to be honest. But currently my off days consist of binge watching series in bed. Unproductive.

Creating: A YouTube channel! Still coming up with a content list and all that. But I posted my first (intro) video a week ago! Check it out: A Latte Sunshine Vlogs

Reading: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. Ugh this book! Finally found it on Amazon after hunting for it in bookstores and couldn’t find it. I have a love-hate relationship with it. But I’ll tell you all my thoughts on it asap. I have lots to say lol. Surprise surprise.

Watching: This Is Us, season 2. ALL THE FEELS. I’m telling you, if I never meet ‘Mr Perfect’… blame Randall. Why is season 3 only here in September though?! We need to petition.

Listening: To random songs from different series. I love soundtracks.

Deciding: To become a She Leads Africa ambassador needed no thinking about. Please take time to check out the site especially if you’re a woman and needing some inspiration for entrepreneurship or employment! Or if you’re just all about cheering on Motherland Moguls. You can use my referral link to help me out, using my referral code 2B2924 when you follow the link and subscribe 😊 : Help Wong make SLAybassador.

Liking: How my TWA is just flourishing for life! Growth is goals this year🌻

Loving: My new notebook that matches my tea haha! Please don’t judge me. But I buy a new notebook just as often as I buy tea, and a new mug too! My creativity is activated when my environment is aesthetically pleasing. (Insert other bookaholic excuses here).

Smelling: The coffee cocoa bath milk in Woolworths has me saving my coin for winter!

Coveting: Luxury designer candles. But if I had one, I would never burn it lol.

Wearing: Oversized sweaters I borrowed inherited from my mum’s closet. It’s funny how she’s getting to be more stylish than me these days. Not that I’ve ever been iconic.

Hoping: I can learn to dance this year. Wedding line ups are loading!

Waiting: For all the weddings! My girls are on one hunned this year!

Questioning: If I’m a tea or a coffee person should not be a thing. I am both. Lol

Marvelling: The only marvelling anyone should be doing is Black Panther amirite?!

Noticing: That it was necessary for African-Americans to have an imaginary, magical place they could call home. Even the storyline was suggestive of this. Like, if America and Africa had a child it would be Wakanda.

Thinking: It would be nice to live in Wakanda.

Bookmarking: The visa requirements for Zambians Wikipedia page as I plan imaginary vacations.

Opening: A savings account (for the 5th time) has changed my life. Adulting, yay!

Admiring: Bogolo Kenewendo and her appointment as Minister of Investment in Botswana! When you’re 25, questions that plague you are things like, what do I want to have accomplished by 30?

Feeling: Accomplished. For having completed my first ever taking stock. I’ll be back soon with more I promise.

Love, Wong.


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