Saturday Serenity

And it was lovely how the sunlight burst through the tree’s branches. Unafraid, unrelenting. Determined in her mission to kiss the earth, and envelop her in all her golden goodness. 

Something Beautiful

Your hair won’t flow freely, cascade down your back. It will not run endless like road or train track. It isn’t not bothered by hail or by rain, It stands tall in the sunshine, shrinks low in the pain. Bold as bristles, so rough. Thick as thistles, and tough. Your crying won’t ring like a…

In Love

I’m in a tiny boat,  in a big blue ocean. This is no ordinary boat… It’s a boat built of my insecurities,failures and doubts. A boat of words; the voices in my head. And this is no ordinary ocean, it’s an ocean of love. There is nothing all around,as far as my eyes can see….

Bubbles of bliss and Bottomless Buckets of Blueberry icecream.

Also known as the single girls’ guide to surviving valentines day. Buy one and get a free survival kit. February First. 13 days to D-DAY. Get yours Now! Lest you be found wanting when that day comes. lol. I laugh, but I’m dead serious :p (Of course, there are the masses that proclaim their indifference…

Beautiful day

It’s sunny. A break from the last few grey dismal days. The sky is a baby blue around its hems and gradually fades into a deeper hue, like the kind that comes in paint bottles. There is no gale today, you know…a “turn-yer-brolly-inside-out-kind of-gale” and “blow-the-rain-sideways” kind that leaves you feeling topsy turvy, no. There…